R.B. posted on May 9, 2019
I am very sorry to hear about your loss. May you and your family have comfort knowing that “there is going to be a resurrection.” (Acts 24:15)

Sydni Davenport posted on February 15, 2019
You gave me the world, and so much life. I could never repay you but I promise you will live through me 5EVER. In everything I do... thank you SOOO much. Unconditional love. Love yours, Sydni, your God-daughter

Mary Tella posted on February 14, 2019
You will be missed. I will never forget your kindness to me on the second year I arrived at Shaw. After you learned that I did not have OGT text books for the students, you shared yours with me. You liked to share your lunch, even your grapes during those teacher meetings. Thank you and adieu.

Fred posted on February 12, 2019
Right now, when your loss is so fresh, it may be difficult for you to imagine that this pain will ever go away. But in time the blessing of God's unfailing love will soften the hurt you're feeling and bring your heart the peace, comfort and hope that it needs to heal. How? Revelation 21:4 tells us that soon everything that causes us pain, including death, will be gone forever. We also have the hope of our loved ones being resurrected here on earth, as Acts 24:15 tells us. I do hope you find comfort in this. Though I did not know your loved one, I am touched by your loss. Please accept my sincere condolences.

Darlene Wilson & Stephanie Easterling posted on February 11, 2019
“Parent “ & “Student” of Shaw High School . We are deeply saddened by the loss that you and your family have encountered. My condolences To everyone She was a Great Teacher she will be Truely Miss

Dr. Cliff Bennett posted on February 11, 2019
May our Lord bless and comfort the family during this time of grief. Please accept my sincere condolences.

Oscar and Sharon Wells; Courtney McClain posted on February 10, 2019
While our acquaintance was short lived we quickly established a strong bond. We will truly miss you our sister/friend and wiil forever keep the memory of you etched in our hearts. Your sister, Belinda, has the love and support of a strong and protective village; our support shall be steadfast! Our love and condolences to all family and friends whose life you touched. Now rest dear Angel for our Father will raise you up new. For that we rejoice!!!!

Kaylin posted on February 9, 2019
My prayers and condolences go out to the those who lost a dear loved one. May you find comfort from the scriptures at Acts 24:15