David Commet posted on August 8, 2020
May your spirit soar from coast to coast like butter and toast!

Gayle Williams-Byers posted on August 5, 2020
I struggle to find the words to express the depth of sorrow for the loss for my dear friend and mock trial teammate, Dwayne. I know that God makes no mistakes and therefore to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Rest in heaven, Dwayne.

Lori Urogdy Eiler posted on August 5, 2020
My heart cries as I write about Dwayne Edward Smith...Shaw Class of 1990 -part of the all star state champion and 2nd in the nation mock trial team that proved to the naysayers that Shaw kids were the best and brightest in the nation way back when. And indeed Dwayne was that and so much more. Even more compelling was Dwayne’s dedication and heart. For almost a decade after his own glory days on the team as a student, he served as our volunteer assistant coach leading us to victory year after year. Some photos of a few of those years are contained here. He also stepped up as a chaperon including for our Justice trip to DC and was a dear friend and mentor to so many. Because of him, we did not just win in the courtroom championships, but we won in life. It has taken me almost two weeks to be able to come to terms with his death or to have any words for the deep grief and loss I feel-and the loss that those of us who had the privilege to know and love him —but deep grief for the world and the future without him —because— he was indeed that special. He was a coach, a mentor and sooooo wise-dedicating his life in the service of others. After leaving Cleveland, he spent decades in service of youth in MI. We all lost someone so special too soon. The world has a void and open wound without him. His services are tomorrow. I have lost a former student, former colleague, a dear soul.... so many of us had the privilege to know and learn from.....thank-you Dwayne.

Valrie Allen posted on August 4, 2020
Dwayne was an extraordinary person my collage, supervisor, mentor and friend. He loved mentoring the boys and staff. He would always tell a story to keep your mind wondering. Dwayne will be truly missed by all. Dwayne was one in a million. I will hold down the fort like you asked

Terri Molica Ringenbach posted on July 31, 2020
Such an great friend and mentor. So many wonderful memories of our time working together at Hiram House Camp. You will be missed!

Enrico Tait posted on July 30, 2020
One of the first people I met while giving my time at Hiram House Camp. You were always friendly, and grace me and anyone else who were around you with a big smile. Even though, we went on with life, I never forgot about you, and will never now. You were a good friend and will forever be misses

John Dovic posted on July 30, 2020
Such a good man that influenced so many lives. You are missed, Dwayne, but your legacy lives on in our hearts and in the lives of so many youth to whom you gave hope and inspiration. Rest in Peace, my friend,

Hiram House Camp posted on July 30, 2020
Dwayne was an amazing friend to everyone here at Hiram House Camp. We cannot believe we lost such a tremendous person. Dwayne was always laughing and had a heart of gold. Our thoughts and prayers to all his family and friends. Our cabin lights are dimmed in your honor! We love you and miss you Dwayne!

Alli Shaw posted on July 30, 2020
Dwayne was such a wonderful man. Although I worked with him for only a few summers at Hiram House Camp, he became such a great friend. A good ear for you if you needed it or just conversation and coffee. A word of advice. Maybe a reality check when needed. And so sarcastic! I loved it. His laugh was great. And even his "fake laugh" that we always got a kick out of. His campers were always so clean, neat, well-mannered and polite. How does this happen with 8 year old boys at a camp for 12 days?!?!? Only Dwayne could do this. All the counselors would always drop their kids off at the area I taught at our camp (wildlife) but Dwayne always stayed. He liked to learn and I think he secretly wanted to make sure his kids were behaving! :-) Wonderful memories of camp events, reunions, canoe trips, New Years Eve parties, parties at OSU. Luckily Facebook brought us back together and we could still have some fun conversation. And of course he continued mentoring both kids and adults and making the world a better place. Rest easy, Dwayne. You were well-loved and admired.

Scott Wylie posted on July 30, 2020
Dwayne , you taught me how to interact with my campers, my colleagues, my counselors, my staff and my students. You have touched so many lives. God Bless and Thank You!

Scott Wylie posted on July 30, 2020
Dwayne, you taught me how to interact with my campers, then with my counselors and eventually my staff. I am a better teacher because of you. I am a better person because of you. God Bless and Thank you!

Dan Ribby posted on July 30, 2020
Coach and myself coached together at Eaton rapids a few years. Got to know. Him and grew to be very fond of him. He was a defense wisherd, a very smart football coach. I would take him sweet corn , tomatoes every year after he left E. R. He will be missed by a lot of people. I'm so sorry for his family. I'll miss him

Deborah C. Smith posted on July 29, 2020
Dwayne was my big brother!! I've loved him from the first moment I could remember who he was. He was very distant in his life but so close to the things he loved....that was mentoring the youth and focusing on child development. He was an awesome person...even though he punched me in the eye when we we're He was my protector and I'm going to miss you more than anything in this world. Rest up big brother....until I see you again!!

Elizabeth Titus posted on July 29, 2020
Smith; was a great mentor, co-worker and friend. Not only has he touched the lives of young adults he coached and worked with he touch the lives of many of his co-workers. I personally looked up to him for advice in work, life and his passion for cooking and learning new recipes. I will miss him asking “hey my friend can I get you to do me a favor?” What’s that Smith; you need more homemade ranch dressing or homemade pickles don’t you? Smith would say you know me to well!! I will miss his jokes and sarcasm about him thinking I cannot hear him walking up those back stairs at work. Sorry you did not hear me I was in “stealth mode”! These are just a few things I wanted to say about Smith but the list goes on, on how I look up and appreciate Smith’s words of encouragement. You will most definitely be missed by me!! Rest in Heaven Dwayne Smith!

Alasdair Stewart posted on July 28, 2020
No words can describe the positive impact this man had on anyone he knew. Coach Smith, was more than just a coach. He was a mentor, friend, and a leader for so many. For those of us fortunate enough to know him, let us remember and celebrate a truly inspirational individual. He was one of a kind!

Garrett Johnson posted on July 28, 2020
I can’t even imagine the countless amount of lives this man has changed. I was fortunate enough to be one of them. I played for coach Smith, for my entire Varsity career. I went on to play at the collegiate level. Still never had a coach with the love and passion he showed for us, and the game alike. I’ll miss you coach. Thank you for everything.

Dwayne Dennis posted on July 28, 2020
What can I say about a person whom everybody loved. I will miss you Smith and I'll think about you everytime i make a poundcake for highfields dinners. He would say brother Dennis can you make a extra one. So the next time i make one it will be for you and only you unless you feel like sharing RIH friend/ co worker.

JRF posted on July 28, 2020
To one of the best friends I have ever had in this life. You brought so much care and laughter into my existence. I will miss you everyday in a profound sense. I am glad that you are up there in Heaven joking with he angels and saints. I will see you again my friend. Rest in the love of the Divine. John

Tim Monroe posted on July 28, 2020
I loved everything I knew about Dwayne Smith (well, except that he was an OSU fan). I hired Dwayne at Highfields in 1995. In the 25 years that he worked there, he impacted 1000’s of people, most of them being children and youth. Dwayne was gifted with the ability to readily engage and connect with others. He was sharp, quick witted, and easy to talk with. He was what I would call a “natural therapist”. Dwayne was masterful in facilitating groups and experiential education. He had the ability to “connect the dots” within a group dynamic, lead it to its desired outcome, and then help participants reflect on what they experienced. He had great intuition and always interacted in a fun and enthusiastic manner. He clearly believed in a change by choice/gentle teaching philosophy. Dwayne was particularly great with young people. This made him an asset in our residential program for delinquent youth. I always appreciated the consistency and positive outlook that he demonstrated everyday while working with staff and especially young people. Dwayne was a people person. He always showed interest in the stories of others, but rarely shared his own. He was a truly a giving person and we are very thankful for the “gifts” he shared with Highfields over the past 25 years. He will be missed.

Nancy E.Alvarez posted on July 28, 2020
Some wonderful memories of a very dear friend. Rest in peace Dwayne.

Carl latona posted on July 28, 2020
Too young. Too soon. Too kind and generous man. Rest in peace.

Carl latona posted on July 28, 2020
too young. Too soon. Too kind a generous young man. Rest on peace.

Deanna posted on July 28, 2020
I worked with Dwayne for almost 19 years at Highfields. He was more than just a co-worker, he was my dearest friend. I'll never forget the many times he would come into my office and sit down for a chat. He talked about his family with so much love. I can't believe he's gone and that I'll never hear that "Hey Deanna Mae" followed by a big bear hug. I love you Dwayne. I'll see you again my friend.

Tim Turner posted on July 28, 2020
We always went back n forth at each other about his buckeyes and my wolverines. He was always a good tipper when it came to buying him coffee on Sunday mornings. You will be missed my friend.

Jeffrey Rochester posted on July 28, 2020
Duane was always fun to be with. A good man gone way too soon.